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Nativity crochet: free patterns

Nativity crochet: free patterns

Nativity crochet: free patterns

Starting Oct. 7th every monday a new pattern of one of the 11 Nativity crochet characters will be published in italian language. I’m translating them in english as soon as I can, you’re all welcome to join for free, the patterns are in fact totally FREE OF CHARGE.
Your only obligation is to buy the material needed to make your creations.

Here is a list of the mats needed:

– 2,5mm crochet hook.

– Cotton yarn for 2,5mm crocket hook in following colors: white, pink (two times), tan, wheat, purple, red, navy, black, orange, coral, light and dark green, sky blue, gray.

– Stuffing

– Safety eyes (if you use them)

– Cardboard disk for the bottom

About the patterns

Every published pattern has been created and written by me, so they are original and never seen anywhere else. The characters will be shown shortly before the pattern release, 1-2 days in advance, in italian language. For a list of already published patterns in italian language, please see this article.
All I can say for the time being is that the Nativity has 11 characters: Joseph, Marie, Jesus Christ, the 3 Wise men, ox, donkey, female sheepard with sheep, fisherman and the angel.

Legal notice

The patterns of the Nativity published in this site are all created and written by me and are protected by Creative Commons (for further details please check the legal section in this site). This means that you’re free to download and use the patterns. You can sell the products created by using my patterns, as long as you add a reference (or the link if you sell them online) to my site. You’re NOT AUTHORIZED to copy, modify or take ownership of the patterns or parts of them. You’re NOT AUTHORIZED to publish without the watermark the pictures taken from this site. You’re NOT AUTHORIZED to use the patterns for other uses without written consent from me.

Please RESPECT the time and the work I’ve dedicated to this project, that’s all I ask.

Down here, you’ll find the list of already published patterns:

Basic shapes

Joseph pattern

Ox pattern

Balthazar pattern (first wise man)

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  1. Great patterns! Hope you will be able to translate all characters to English before Christmas. Or do you maybe know a good page with translations from crocheting terms from Italian to English?

  2. Hey Stefanie! I hope that too, I'll try hard to translate all of them as soon as possible 😉

  3. Has anyone determine a rough gauge for this pattern?

  4. Thank you very much. I was looking very long for pattern like this. It is hard to get them. :*

  5. These are very cute! Have you translated any more to English? I can only find Joseph, the Ox, the donkey, and the first wise man. I would love to see them as I am trying to translate them and having difficulty. Thanks for your help!

    • I’m sorry, but we are still working on the italian version. I’ll translate everything for next year, when the nativity will be complete.
      Anyhow, if you manage to follow the italian schemes using google translate, here is a little table of our abbreviations:

      cat – ch
      pb – sc
      pa – dc
      aum – inc
      dim – dec

  6. *Update
    I have figured out that the patterns translated to English is actually the 2013 ones, not from 2015. I found the PDF collection here: http://latorredicotone.com/schemi-amigurumi/scarica-gratis-tutti-gli-schemi-del-presepe-alluncinetto-del-2013/

    Now everything makes so much more sense!

    I think I can work my way from here – no more help needed – but may I suggest you make a link to the PDF collection as well as the 2014 figures?

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